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Re: I have shared my background in the past

I'm sure your underlying purpose is to compare me and Elizabeth Warren in an effort to justify her actions.

Revealing personal information here usually just gets me insulted and attacked. I'll tell you this much so you can make the comparison: My grandmother is 100% NA. Born and raised on the res. Plus, there is other NA blood in my family. You can figure my minimum %. Compare it to Warren.

Warren hasn't just claimed NA heritage. She has claimed to be a minority. She has called herself Indian (see the Federalist article I linked below). IMO that's bullshit. I don't do it because my white European DNA makes up a larger total percentage of my DNA than my NA DNA. I didn't call myself NA even before I knew my DNA.

What is the magic percentage that is needed before someone can call themselves NA?? IMO there is no set number, but it needs to be a significant percentage (even more than me) AND I believe lifestyle is a factor. I wasn't raised in the NA culture. Neither was Warren. Many people want to claim NA heritage because they romanticize the culture because of what they've seen in movies and TV. I've spent a lot of time with relatives on and off the res. It's not what people think.

Have you had your DNA tested?? The huge majority of people find they have tiny traces of DNA from all over the world. We're mutts. That does not give us license to claim that "heritage". We can study it and learn about it and even be proud of it. That doesn't make us "it". Claiming to be "it" is an insult to those who really are "it". That was the point of the OP. If Warren is NA, then almost everyone in America is NA or AA.

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Posted: 10/16/2018 at 4:17PM


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