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No, I haven't maybe I can find it.

But I have seen about four or five studies on the previous five mass extinctions, and we are well on our way right now to a monster one.

As an ex-geology major, even thoughtit was fifty years ago, I still have curiosity about earth science of all kinds. My father and my grandfather unearthed a plesiosaur fossil in the South Dakota badlands in about 1925, and it is in the Adams Museum in Deadwood, South Dakota. Turns out, that fossil became important as a "transition" fossil between two species, showing sure signs of evolution in the species.

One of the cornerstones of Geology is the Geologic time table. When i was at the grand Canyon last year, I was surprised when I discovered that the dating of the rocks in the Grand Canyon has changed appreciably from what they were when I was a student, they have added 100's of million years to the next of the oldest rocks at the bottom of the Canyon, and added years to almost all the layers above that. When I took historical geology, the basement rocks were thought to be 650 million or more, now it is 1.2 billion, And the Tonto, which I believe was 500 plus, is now 740 million.

But we are making changes in 100 years that should take 10 thousands, and it is out of control, I. E. it is not natural at all.

Oh, well..
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