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I always assumed that since this is a football site

associated with a college, a university in fact, that MANY of the people here have a decent education.

Just an assumption. A bad one I guess.

So when I link articles that is written by people that are considered intelligent, thoughtful, educated and experienced individuals in the topics under discussion, and they write about current events in meaningful ways that JUST happen to match what MANY of us see every day, that people might feel that it is worth reading and then discussing. Some people actually do that.

However, my disappointment with those that are perfectly happy to read the cliff notes version of FOX NEWs headlines or the WSJ opinion page and take it as "THE REAL TRUTH NOT TO BE QUESTIONED" I get comments like yours here.

I would apologize, but I don't feel the need to do so. You can go on and believe that fossil fuels do nothing to impact the planet, that Russia is our friend, that a trillion dollars a YEAR deficit is better than a half trillion a year of it helps the DOW go up 100 points.

Whatever floats your boat. I assume you HAVE a boat, because the LAST time all the ice on this planet melted, Denver was under hundreds of feet of water in the sea that was there when the dinosaurs that left their bones in the Rockies are where you find them on the west side of Colorado.

I feel so fortunate. I have lived when Man discovered the power of the Atom, has gone into space, has proven the codes of living organisms that cause us to be what we are, and EVEN to see the end of mankind on the planet! WOW! What a show! I'll bet even Einstein is jealous!
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