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CUKev - On the Affordable Care Act

I wanted to respond to your complaints about Obama's Affordable Care Act by outlining the very many things Republicans have done - both during the Obama Administration and the Trump era - to subvert the Act and make it fail. I assume you know those facts - but I expect they are irrelevant to you, and that in your view the Affordable Care Act would have helped very view people in the best of circumstances.

So - let me hear your ideas on fixing the Medical care system. How do we make medical care affordable to a family making $40,000 a year? How do we stop our nation's medical costs from being so very much higher than in any other nation? How do we get Employers out of the health care market, so that they can hire more full time people without having to add the cost of health care coverage, but still keep people insured? How to we get Employer's out of the health care market so that they can be more competitive with foreign employers who fo not have these costs? How do we protect the family who has worked and saved their whole life from the threat of bankruptcy from a catastrophic disease or illness?

Every major country in the world has solved this problem but the USA. There costs are way lower, their employers don't have to carry health care costs, and health care is not a source of financial insecurity.

What has the Republican Party offered that will truly address this in a positive way? Every "answer" I've ever seen Republicans offer never really addresses any of these problems. Particularly - no proposal I've seen addresses the financial insecurity issue.

So - I'm very interested in your ideas.

If your view is that we, as a people, should simply not try to address these problems, then you and I have a very different sense of morality and virtue, but then - in that case - I would like you to at least state that as your view and defend that perspective.

Look forward to your ideas.

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