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CUKev ( and all) Democratic Socialists and viewpoint towards white people

Kev, I am bumping this article you sent from the Dem. Socialists up to the top because I told you I would read it and would comment on whether or not the socialists were scapegoating white people ( or white men) for social problems in the U.S.A.
The article you sent is a long one -- more than 5,400 words. I read it twice. It is re-linked below, in case anyone else wants to read it.

This article on socialism reads like a platform statement or a policy statement meant to be shared within the organization. I am not a socialist, but I have read enough socialist writing to know that it is often VERY wordy and VERY philosophical about race and class.
I think this is the paragraph ( below) that concerned you. It is quite possibly one of the world's LONGEST run-on sentences. Gosh darn, this is rambling 🙃, but I think it is what concerns you. Here it is. ( I'll continue this in Part 2 below)___________________

"In the absence of powerful multiracial coalitions capable of connecting the struggles of working people across race and ethnicity, appeals to racism and fear will continue to gain traction among economically and socially insecure white voters — particularly men, who face the erosion of traditional gender prominence due to the gains of the feminist movement — and the possibility of expanding desperately needed programs to assist the most vulnerable people in our society (let alone more ambitious programs pushing in the direction of democratic socialism) will be further diminished."

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Link: Democratic Socialists of America

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