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How About Thinking Outside The Box And Reduce Military Spending? Why Do...

we need to spend so much relative to other nations in the world? The U.S. spends roughly four times more than the Chinese - who has the second largest annual military budget. We're not doing something right. After being trapped in the Middle East for almost two decades, haven't we learned military conflicts today are very different from the ones our parents (the greatest generation) fought? Stated another way, how much has that bloated military budget helped us win wars today? If we reduce our military spending by 50% we'd still spend twice as much as China and seven times what the Russians spend! The money saved from reduced defense spending (say 25%) would make concerns about social security solvency a moot point. I really thought Trump was going to make some headway on this front but like so many other important issues (i.e., big middle class tax cuts, fixing healthcare) it was all talk.

(In response to this post by Aussie Buff)

Link: Annual Defense Spending By Country

Posted: 07/03/2018 at 3:22PM


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