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I don't want to fight with anyone here Portland.

I can count on one hand how many OT board posts I've authored before this thread I felt compelled to comment on. There are literally hundreds of threads here in the recent past all about immigration that you won't find my handle in.
The illegal immigration problem/controversy isn't a new phenomenon, at least from where I sit. People (again, people who have never lived near the border) freaked out saying that Trump is militarizing the border when he authorized Guard personnel on the southern border. What's the reality here? Guard personnel are not authorized in an enforcement capacity to assist BP/OFO/AMO. They are unarmed and man non enforcement positions for their tour on the border. Most never see the light of day and perform administrative positions. This isn't even the first time the Guard has been mandated to the border. We had them stationed here for period's of time during both the Bush and Obama administrations.
Why is it a crisis? That's a loaded and subjective term. What comes from the mouths of politicians and journalists is beyond my control. The men and women I've worked along side for many years would never use that word. The volume of immigration traffic patterns are constantly shifting throughout the entire Mexican/US border all the time. The cartel's who control the Mexican side of the border (nothing happens on the south side of the border without the cartels say so) shift their patterns in response to us and us to them. Nothing from my perspective has changed. What's changed is how we are talking about it here because of the ever increasing political polarization I've witnessed going on in this country.
How will a wall help? When I was a brand new Agent back in the late 90's, there was nothing in between Mexico and the US in my AOR (area of responsibility) but a barbed wire fence, if that in many places. We were apprehending upwards to 1,000 people A SHIFT, that's nearly 3000 people a day. Sometime around 2004 and through about 2010, steel bollard fencing, 30 feet high was constructed in our and our nearest neighboring station AOR (about 75 linear miles). Over time, crossing rates decreased dramatically. A fence only works if you have people to monitor and patrol it. Now, what most average Americans don't understand is the amount of border that is totally uninhabited. No roads, no towns, no BP stations, no people...nothing at all. What does work is a large barrier, that is manned on the other side. A "wall" alone does no good. Walls can be climbed, cut, and tunneled under. When presented with a barrier, coyotes will opt to go around. So, I can personally attest to the effectiveness of a large fence, it isn't perfect and can only work if there is a body of people willing to patrol, monitor and respond.

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Posted: 06/23/2018 at 8:54PM


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