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How I would agree to a wall.

I hate the wall. But I would agree to build it and have taxpayers pay for it if:

Corporate taxes were raised to their previous level

Military spending were cut by 30%.

Social security benefits were raised by 15%.

Those here could be one naturalized citizens with full voting rights within the next three years.

The individual mandate for the affordable care act is restored, and Trump and congress pledge to restore every funding stream contemplated under the act.

The tax base for Medicare and social security were expanded to investment income

Trump agreed to release his tax returns for the past 15 years

Trump and Congress agreed to reinstate the Voting rights act

Trump and congress reversed this years Supreme Court decision, and outlawed all employer mandated arbitration agreements relating to employment protections provided under state or federal law.

We agreed to accept 100,000 refugees per year from the poorest of countries and war torn countries - including Muslims fleeing from Muslim countries.

If immigration control is such a huge problem - then there should be plenty on willingness to get the walls by these relatively minor in comparison promises.

Easy enough - or maybe immigration is no where near the problem you pretend it to be.

(In response to this post by BUFFHWY)

Posted: 06/23/2018 at 12:42PM


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