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some are chemical, and are clear, like alcohol, crack, etc. Deadly, often.

Some are psychological, and vary widely.

Some are horrible, like serial killers. The bomber.

Entertainment, "have to see what happens next" over periods of time. The daily soaps, the serial programs, from Homeland to Outlander, the next Star Wars, Harry Potter. The key is involvement with the story, and the need to see how it "ends". It doesn't it just keeps going forward. Now, with DVR's, and streaming, you can "binge" your day away.

The need for rewards, like sex, work, fishing, all things where you keep doing what it is because when something GOOD happens, you are happy, but want a repeat. Sports, like golf, but PARTICULARLY gambling. I will "WIN" this time!! And winning creates a fever. Endorphins are a reality. Skydiving, adrenaline junkies.

The internet, and computer activities are particularly addictive. They are repeatable, can be designed to BE addictive, and there are millions of bored people that can get on board. On social media, You share an IDEA (like me right now) and then you have to come back after a while and see WHO said WHAT about the idea. You live for "likes", here and on Facebook, and responses, like Twitter. You HAVE to check back on a regular basis, and see what the RESPONSE it to what you have done as an individual. Photos, discussions. all of the above. I look at my addictions, whether it was horses, netbuffs, photos, etc (not drugs or gambling, I avoid, and I had an issue with alcohol, I admit, and I COULD be a sex addict, but I'm not. Some, like work, can be borderline bad, or more often good, depending on the balance of a person's life.

Young people, right now, are on the verge of mass addictions. Games, (screen time), playing for MANY hours a day, or week, with the result little different than just playing solitaire all day long, to see if you can win.

Orr Social, text to Susie, did she respond yet? NO! Wait five minutes, text her again and see if she got the last one? ALL day long.

TV news. and so on.

My point is that more and more, the creators of these addictions know perfectly well what it is they are selling. So Facebook, for instance, will use a program to tease you every day. Did you like this one you shared two years ago? Are you interested in Joey's new car? Here's a picture of a bird you might like that a friend took in Arizona today.

Presumably we are adults, at least ehre. I know I have been on here a lot, and I have used this place as a means to counter my own situation when I was largely trapped, as a full time caregiver for a spouse, 24/7, and my "likes" that you will see on the list of members shows my dedication to sharing here. And many who don't like me, or simply don't like what I say, note this and tell me to "get a life".

frankly, I have been VERY aware of this, and I am working hard now to expand to other activities, b ut I do enjoy the interactions here. It is entertainment. But I now have more time to travel, do other things, and perhaps my balance will improve. Butit is an ADDICTION all the same, clinically speaking.

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