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I wonder if a NFL team will draft -- Irish Buff 12/01/2018 8:08PM
  Super talented. Easy to see why he was a 5 star -- WinningLeadership 12/03/2018 02:27AM
  He's really small maybe 5'8" and not built like -- BUFFRAY 12/01/2018 10:45PM
Big 5 game road trip for Nuggets.... -- 93Buff 11/29/2018 4:05PM
Penguins Avs -- cswilliam 11/29/2018 07:19AM
  Yup. Avs are fun to watch. Tampa Avs earlier in year -- Colo Spgs Buff 11/29/2018 1:18PM
  The narrative is collusion -- WinningLeadership 12/03/2018 02:30AM
  Let’s not forget Kap was offered by the Broncos. ** -- Irish Buff 12/01/2018 09:19AM
  Re: It's kind of like Jimmer Fredette -- CUKev 11/29/2018 1:03PM
  Exactly. What you wrote never makes it into the narrative ** -- WinningLeadership 12/03/2018 02:31AM
  I think your last three words answer the question -- BuffsIn2018 11/28/2018 10:21PM
  They're paying Hogan basically the vet minimum -- BetterDeadThanRed 12/03/2018 6:02PM
  Kaep isnt playing because of the anthem protest -- buffhooper 11/29/2018 1:44PM
  He can’t play dead -- BuffsIn2018 11/29/2018 2:29PM
  Heis 10x better than Broncos back up -- buffhooper 11/29/2018 11:36PM
  Plenty of players worse than Kaepernick in the league. -- cswilliam 11/29/2018 07:22AM
   Sleepy...posted on the wrong board** -- WinningLeadership 11/27/2018 06:14AM
   Lose 6 in a row, then win 3 in 4 nights, 2 on road, -- Colo Spgs Buff 11/26/2018 7:09PM
Were you notENTERTAINED?!?!?! -- buffaloaded 11/20/2018 2:33PM
  Thought i was watching OU OSU -- Colo Spgs Buff 11/20/2018 3:48PM
  Gladiator my man. I was not vexed. :) ** -- Colo Spgs Buff 11/25/2018 8:08PM
   The broncos win with great OL play? How on earth -- BUFFRAY 11/19/2018 8:40PM
Murray for Rozier and a 1st rounder? Nah, but -- BUFFRAY 11/17/2018 11:07AM
  I like Rozier, a lot. He was stupendous last season. But... -- WinningLeadership 11/19/2018 3:24PM
  What does Denver need? -- LW33 11/18/2018 10:07PM
  They need a rim protecting PF -- buffhooper 11/20/2018 10:37AM
  Tyler Lydon is a rim protector and can shoot it. -- BUFFRAY 11/21/2018 07:35AM
  Lol...No he’s not -- buffhooper 11/22/2018 10:24PM
  Kid is 6'10" and a future HOFer. Shut up. ** -- BUFFRAY 11/23/2018 12:32PM
  Haha...I dont think G league has a hall of fame -- buffhooper 11/23/2018 9:15PM
We are getting a handle on the Nuggets -- buffaloaded 11/12/2018 1:19PM
  They are not as good as they have been playing -- WinningLeadership 11/13/2018 01:49AM
  I like it. ** -- BUFFRAY 11/13/2018 1:49PM
  No panic but Murray needs to provide consistency -- BUFFRAY 11/12/2018 7:41PM
  As if he were Tyson Chandler -- WinningLeadership 11/13/2018 5:37PM
Who gets fired first: McIntyre or Vance Joseph? ** -- The Midnight Toker 11/11/2018 7:46PM
Jokic is having problem(s). He hurt the team tonight. -- BUFFRAY 11/08/2018 01:22AM
  Ok, last night was odd...very odd.... -- 93Buff 11/08/2018 11:43AM
  That would net Jimmy Butler and EASILY..... -- LW33 11/09/2018 6:17PM
  I've said dumber. ** -- BUFFRAY 11/07/2018 9:17PM
  Buffray should apologize. ** -- buffaloaded 11/07/2018 7:23PM
  My bad. ** -- BUFFRAY 11/08/2018 01:15AM
Jokic.... -- 93Buff 11/06/2018 4:37PM
  Triple double tonight....book it! ** -- LW33 11/09/2018 6:18PM
  He is a point center -- BuffsIn2018 11/06/2018 5:51PM
Nugs may very well have TWO young superstars -- BuffsIn2018 11/06/2018 12:48AM
  3. Gary Harris has been great all year. ** -- 93Buff 11/06/2018 12:37PM
  Yes but can he do it every night? ** -- BUFFRAY 11/06/2018 01:00AM
   538 NBA Predictor has Nuggets as #2 seed. -- 93Buff 11/05/2018 5:42PM
Nuggets are 8-1 while missing a big chunk of their offense -- BuffsIn2018 11/05/2018 2:59PM
  Im not sure IT helps -- buffhooper 11/05/2018 4:24PM
  I like him as instant offense off the bench ** -- BuffsIn2018 11/05/2018 4:47PM
Dave Logan should not be doing play-by-play -- Buffalo Bob 11/05/2018 09:14AM
  Great post. -- cswilliam 11/07/2018 01:36AM
  Re: Dave Logan should not be doing play-by-play -- MN Buff 11/05/2018 09:46AM
   Bradford : Great work if you can get it -- Irish Buff 11/04/2018 10:30PM

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