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   Finally! -- BuffsIn2023 06/12/2023 11:06PM
Ralphie, you called it bro...good work ** -- WinningLeadership 06/12/2023 11:03PM
  This was so much fun to watch ** -- ralphie2425 06/12/2023 11:10PM
  Yeah, but it was also grueling. 😏🏀 😖 ** -- The Midnight Toker 06/12/2023 11:26PM
Garbage ** -- Shecky1 06/12/2023 9:44PM
  They look awful on offense. Slow on defense. Asleep. ** -- WinningLeadership 06/12/2023 9:52PM
Really poor start for nuggets. Not smart bball. ** -- Shecky1 06/12/2023 9:02PM
  Test ** -- Shecky1 07/02/2023 6:10PM
How good would Nuggets be if they hadn't traded Donovan Mitchell -- The Midnight Toker 06/11/2023 1:10PM
  The Nuggets wouldn't have drafted Mitchell if they kept the pick -- BetterDeadThanRed 06/11/2023 2:00PM
  Same with Gobert? ** -- WinningLeadership 06/12/2023 01:57AM
  That was another pick swap -- BetterDeadThanRed 06/12/2023 08:44AM
  Utah media is having the same discussion now -- CUKev 06/11/2023 1:57PM
This Nuggets team is really good and fun to watch -- CUKev 06/10/2023 2:05PM
  Jokic prefers the pass. A good pass makes two players happy. ** -- The Midnight Toker 06/11/2023 1:49PM
  Ball movement and good shot selection is a winning style. It -- The Midnight Toker 06/10/2023 7:01PM
  Good point about dynasties -- CUKev 06/10/2023 8:39PM
  With Porter and KCP not playing well, I -- buffaloaded 06/10/2023 4:43PM
Calvin Booth man…. -- LW33 06/10/2023 01:12AM
These national guys need to come to me for info on -- ralphie2425 06/09/2023 11:16PM
  You did predict it. One more to stand and pound your chest. ** -- WinningLeadership 06/10/2023 01:42AM
Aaron Gordon is pretty good ** -- BuffsIn2023 06/09/2023 10:28PM
  Selfless defines him and this team. -- cswilliam 06/10/2023 10:40AM
  He was dominant in Uncle Drew too! ** -- The Midnight Toker 06/10/2023 12:12AM
  One of best 2 way players in the league ** -- VegasBuff02 06/09/2023 10:33PM
Best pickup game you ever played in…. -- The Midnight Toker 06/09/2023 03:22AM
  Beating Sherlock Holmes -- CUKev 06/09/2023 8:57PM
  He had a cousin named Baskerville -- CUKev 06/10/2023 2:35PM
  I think his persona worked against him -- CUKev 06/10/2023 12:09PM
  1977 - CSU gym -- cswilliam 06/09/2023 09:38AM
Braun - OK - had a nice game - gym rat ramblings -- cswilliam 06/08/2023 8:04PM
  Ouch. Tough way to end your career. ** -- The Midnight Toker 06/09/2023 03:13AM
  Brutal injury. Did that guy help pay for it? Guessing not. -- WinningLeadership 06/08/2023 9:06PM
  I THOUGHT it was you! Glad you reached out, -- cswilliam 06/08/2023 11:53PM
Can anyone take those announcers for Nuggets game? ** -- northbuff1 06/08/2023 11:56AM
  TNT's were SO much better -- EBN 06/08/2023 12:26PM
  Respectfully Disagree -- VegasBuff02 06/08/2023 2:18PM
  Buffs won their natty there ** -- ralphie2425 06/08/2023 10:27AM
  They also lost a Natty there ** -- Flatirons 06/08/2023 9:44PM
  I have a feeling they win the next two. -- Buffalo Bob 06/08/2023 08:07AM
   58-33 on the boards—-28-20 on assists -- The Midnight Toker 06/08/2023 12:05AM
Win two more and receive the trophy at home -- CUKev 06/07/2023 11:49PM
Amazing how TB Rays are so good and Rockies so bad… -- The Midnight Toker 06/06/2023 11:28PM
  Rays have 23 full time employees in their -- ralphie2425 06/07/2023 9:50PM
  Gotta be weather related -- Buffaluff 06/06/2023 11:33PM
  They did that with Gordon n Game1. ** -- The Midnight Toker 06/07/2023 12:33PM

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