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Anyone see much hope for the Bucs or the Bills?.... -- SamSpade 01/20/2021 07:57AM
  Anyone else already tired of the Chiefs? -- BoscoBuff 01/21/2021 12:19PM
  Yes, very much -- CUKev 01/21/2021 1:01PM
  If they keep th band together they could become the old Patriots -- WinningLeadership 01/21/2021 2:01PM
  Didn't I see him crying, thanking the Org last year -- Colo Spgs Buff 01/19/2021 12:30PM
  That's not enough -- BuffsIn2021 01/19/2021 11:03AM
  What did we trade Cutler to Chicago for? -- BoscoBuff 01/19/2021 09:58AM
  Orton, two 1sts and a 3rd -- HallelujahBuff 01/19/2021 10:27PM
  Don't forget Kyle Orton as well ** -- BoscoBuff 01/19/2021 3:08PM
  Just a guess -- Irish Buff 01/18/2021 11:19AM
  You don't want to know. Now, if Bill O'Brien was still there... -- WinningLeadership 01/18/2021 08:13AM
  Not enough ** -- buffaloaded 01/17/2021 11:47PM
So what should Paton due as Broncos GM? -- BoscoBuff 01/16/2021 2:00PM
  Find some corners and an O Line?..... -- SamSpade 01/16/2021 5:17PM
  Ding, ding, ding on those two concerns -- WinningLeadership 01/16/2021 5:36PM
DJ could be signing a 6 Yr 90 million deal -- Irish Buff 01/15/2021 10:58AM
  Rockies could have kept him long-term for so much less -- BuffsIn2021 01/16/2021 08:41AM
  He thought Brendan Rodgers was ready (and would be much cheaper) -- WinningLeadership 01/16/2021 5:27PM
Wish nuggs coulda got Jarrett Allen and Prince for -- BUFFRAY 01/14/2021 3:23PM
  I like Allen but would Malone play him much? I doubt it. ** -- WinningLeadership 01/14/2021 9:33PM
  We could trade him for a position of need inless -- BUFFRAY 01/15/2021 5:14PM
  Very smart on both points. You'd make a good GM ** -- WinningLeadership 01/15/2021 9:39PM
Brooklyn Nets,,,am I missing something here? -- buffhooper 01/14/2021 09:53AM
  They should add Carmelo Anthony ** -- CUKev 01/15/2021 6:19PM
  One thing is certain, Irving will be unhappy -- BUFFRAY 01/14/2021 3:18PM
  That guy sold :) ** -- WinningLeadership 01/14/2021 9:34PM
  I've never called myself that. Have you? -- Colo Spgs Buff 01/12/2021 6:11PM
  I've had some times -- BadgerBuff 01/13/2021 7:20PM
  Raises a great question -- buffhooper 01/11/2021 10:32AM
  Wait..so.. -- buffhooper 01/14/2021 5:09PM
  Yep. Because it is demeaning to women ** -- bufffantheman 01/15/2021 10:38AM
  If women aren't there . . . -- 84Buff 01/24/2021 1:18PM
  What if I call you the "R" word? -- bufffantheman 01/25/2021 11:10AM
  There are other ways to give your buddies a hard time -- bufffantheman 01/19/2021 10:55AM
Rockies fans...and Galway if you're around -- WinningLeadership 01/10/2021 02:18AM
  First the Rockies will not -- Irish Buff 01/10/2021 08:53AM
  I had not heard that. Why does he feel that way? ** -- WinningLeadership 01/10/2021 1:05PM
  Just a guess -- Irish Buff 01/10/2021 2:51PM
  Bad look for Monfort. Maybe he should sell the team. ** -- WinningLeadership 01/11/2021 08:20AM
Gary Harris sighting in Phila. 5/8 from 3pt. -- BUFFRAY 01/10/2021 12:17AM
  Man lands on MOON -- Irish Buff 01/10/2021 09:00AM
Pretty interesting: cheating MLB pitchers -- WinningLeadership 01/08/2021 01:21AM
  When the 💰💰💰is on the table... -- Irish Buff 01/09/2021 12:22PM
  I think of him from time to time. Buried himself badly. -- WinningLeadership 01/09/2021 12:37PM
  The trick is getting the pitchers to talk -- BuffsIn2021 01/09/2021 09:37AM
Phil Lindsays fate with Broncos will be up to new GM -- buffhooper 01/05/2021 10:58AM
  I think Phil's gone -- BuffsIn2021 01/05/2021 11:38AM
  Broncos can put a 2nd round tender on him -- HallelujahBuff 01/05/2021 11:50AM
Looking for Elway/Broncos comments. Where are the guys? -- WinningLeadership 01/04/2021 11:12PM
  Surprised Ellis fired Elway -- HallelujahBuff 01/05/2021 12:29AM
  Who puts pressure on Ellis ? -- Irish Buff 01/05/2021 5:58PM
  I hope so. Then I thought who is hiring the GM? -- WinningLeadership 01/05/2021 01:25AM
  Will be interesting to see who is hired as GM -- HallelujahBuff 01/05/2021 02:03AM
  Good stuff. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out. ** -- WinningLeadership 01/05/2021 02:16AM
  Yep, by far his best game -- BuffsIn2021 01/05/2021 11:39AM
  Wondered what you thought about him. I agree -- BUFFRAY 01/04/2021 10:58PM
Wow Fangio sucks ** -- Ralphie Bruber 01/03/2021 7:54PM
  A simple tank job.... -- SamSpade 01/03/2021 10:10PM
  Not just tonight, the whole year... -- Ralphie Bruber 01/03/2021 10:47PM
  Gordon too ** -- BuffsIn2021 01/03/2021 8:33PM
  Ask players if it was a meaningless loss. ** -- northbuff1 01/04/2021 10:28AM
  This game showed how inept Fangio is. -- northbuff1 01/04/2021 11:01AM
  Precisely. Draft positioning was more important. ** -- WinningLeadership 01/04/2021 06:19AM
Gary Harris..WTH? -- buffhooper 01/02/2021 10:43AM
  True yet he's not the reason the Nuggets look like garbage ** -- WinningLeadership 12/31/2020 06:24AM
  The little Argentinian guard is ... not good ** -- BuffsIn2021 01/02/2021 07:25AM
  They didnt pay him much -- buffhooper 01/02/2021 10:47AM
   Havent seen any qbs in the draft pther than Lawrence -- BUFFRAY 12/29/2020 6:48PM