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   Hawg..17 year old swimmer -- BadgerBuff 08/13/2022 3:48PM
  Reminds me -- Irish Buff 08/14/2022 5:30PM
  Hockey player interview ethos is so great. -- cswilliam 08/26/2022 08:11AM
  Referring to black people as "articulate" -- buffhooper 08/12/2022 11:14AM
  Agreed on the cringe -- BuffsIn2022 08/13/2022 1:47PM
  Some truth to that but there's also this... -- WinningLeadership 08/15/2022 11:15AM
  Sorry. Didnt mean it that way. Most pro athletes -- BUFFRAY 08/12/2022 9:39PM
  My son is white and I get on him about being inarticulate -- Colo Spgs Buff 08/12/2022 1:44PM
Strange question if you're a Rockies fan by chance -- WinningLeadership 08/09/2022 1:51PM
  Easy, Bard. ** -- BUFFRAY 08/09/2022 5:10PM
  Daniel has been an amazing story. ** -- WinningLeadership 08/09/2022 5:27PM
  Incredible he's doing that at 37 years old. His success.... -- WinningLeadership 08/09/2022 5:34PM
  Good points. Ownership makes it difficult! -- WinningLeadership 08/09/2022 3:22PM
Twins rookie pitcher comes up with original windup and toss -- The Midnight Toker 08/06/2022 9:06PM
  Psychedelics never helped me throw a football. -- BUFFRAY 08/06/2022 11:15PM
  Great message for kids ** -- CUKev 08/05/2022 10:01PM
  He is just kind of a douche imo. I am glad we got Russell. -- Colo Spgs Buff 08/05/2022 1:48PM
  A lot of people talk crap about him up here -- BadgerBuff 08/05/2022 11:04AM
DeShaun Watson suspended 6 games -- CUKev 08/04/2022 3:05PM
  The Browns are a problem -- 84Buff 08/11/2022 1:40PM
  He should be really grateful. It could have been so much worse. ** -- WinningLeadership 08/05/2022 09:27AM
  I understand the NFL is doing P.R. here, but ... -- BuffsIn2022 08/04/2022 9:02PM
  Yeah, and they shouldn’t have ** -- BuffsIn2022 08/04/2022 10:27PM
  Of course, but did said conduct actually happen? ** -- BuffsIn2022 08/05/2022 06:25AM
  Maybe so ** -- BuffsIn2022 08/05/2022 11:35AM
  The NFL says too few. -- SamSpade 08/04/2022 3:34PM
   Brittney Griner found guilty -- CUKev 08/04/2022 3:05PM
  Bob Costas weighs in intelligently -- buffaloaded 08/02/2022 2:15PM
  You beat me to it! Two big points stood out to me...crazy ones -- WinningLeadership 08/02/2022 10:06AM
Bill Russell died today. Seemed like he lived forever. Mythical. ** -- WinningLeadership 07/31/2022 2:19PM
  This reminds me of a Colin Cowherd -- BadgerBuff 08/06/2022 10:39PM
Whats the vibe so far with R Wilson over there? ** -- BadgerBuff 07/28/2022 09:12AM
  Good QB. We don't like where he went to college. ** -- Flatirons 08/02/2022 2:57PM
  Competent football after 6 years of watching paint dry. -- Colo Spgs Buff 07/29/2022 12:23PM
  For me, the answer is 'yes'. I have always preferred -- Colo Spgs Buff 07/31/2022 07:49AM
  Nice -- BadgerBuff 07/29/2022 4:46PM
  My man, it's insane. It's like Peyton worship all over again. -- WinningLeadership 07/29/2022 03:47AM
So is Elway out?.... -- SamSpade 07/28/2022 08:29AM
  I love 'em! -- WinningLeadership 07/24/2022 11:07PM
  Cincinnati Zebras?? -- CUKev 07/24/2022 12:49PM
Charlie Blackmon has 15 hrs, 56 rbis. Nolan A has -- BUFFRAY 07/22/2022 9:28PM
  Sorry, no. -- EBN 07/25/2022 12:22PM
  Worth the price of admission? Depends. -- BUFFRAY 07/26/2022 12:26PM
  Rockies play 81 games in Coors… -- LW33 07/27/2022 8:28PM
Hawg thoughts -- BadgerBuff 07/20/2022 2:30PM
  Swimming? I thought I was desperate watching PBA -- BUFFRAY 07/22/2022 9:19PM
Anyone on here watching world T&F? Great races ** -- BadgerBuff 07/18/2022 06:22AM
  Right there with you on both accounts. T&F is HARD. ** -- Colo Spgs Buff 07/22/2022 1:05PM
  Pretty much every minute of it -- EBN 07/19/2022 2:27PM
  Best thing on right now. ** -- northbuff1 07/18/2022 10:34AM
  Really good races so far -- BadgerBuff 07/18/2022 11:28AM
  The competitors stay in the action -- northbuff1 07/18/2022 8:21PM
I predict Collin Gillespie will be with the Nuggets by playoff time -- The Midnight Toker 07/11/2022 1:20PM
  Looks like Markus H is headed overseas next year. -- buffhooper 07/16/2022 6:32PM
  As a no. 3 PG, I can see it. ** -- WinningLeadership 07/12/2022 4:54PM
  I don't think Markus is still around, is he? -- WinningLeadership 07/12/2022 4:55PM
  I didn't know that. Thank you! ** -- WinningLeadership 07/12/2022 7:16PM
Peyton Watson is the new Will Barton -- The Midnight Toker 07/11/2022 1:18PM
  I dunno, Will cant defend and Peyton cant shoot. -- BUFFRAY 07/14/2022 9:36PM
  Will was doing that in his 30s. Peyton is a young'n -- WinningLeadership 07/12/2022 5:04PM
After one game not liking this Nuggs draft at all. -- BUFFRAY 07/09/2022 06:09AM
  I am starting to think the nuggs draft isnt so bad. -- BUFFRAY 07/11/2022 12:47AM
  I thought of you. He looked a whole lot better today, didn't he! -- WinningLeadership 07/11/2022 04:16AM
  They stink! ** -- Flatirons 07/09/2022 4:42PM
  I liked him too. Four years at nova says alot. ** -- BUFFRAY 07/09/2022 3:38PM
  Agree on Watson, disagree on Braun -- buffhooper 07/09/2022 08:24AM
I like the Nuggs draft but, -- BUFFRAY 07/05/2022 9:08PM
  He might be a good player but he will have deficiencies -- WinningLeadership 07/09/2022 12:31PM
Drinks are on the joker -- HallelujahBuff 07/01/2022 10:44AM
  Would be incredible for the Nugs to repeat the Avs success -- BetterDeadThanRed 07/01/2022 8:16PM
  Is Sakic going to be the Nuggets GM? -- Flatirons 07/08/2022 12:38PM
  I wish Kronke would buy the Buffs -- HallelujahBuff 07/01/2022 10:17PM
  I know you say that jokingly, but why not? I keep hearing -- Colo Spgs Buff 07/04/2022 09:59AM
  Right on. Salvation. ** -- BuffsIn2022 07/03/2022 1:43PM
  Then they would prevent the fans from watching the team -- buffaloaded 07/02/2022 12:00PM
  I'd rather have a great team that I couldn't see ... -- BuffsIn2022 07/03/2022 1:44PM

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