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Damn, Joe Morgan (the player, not the manager) has died -- WinningLeadership 10/12/2020 11:59AM
  I know some didn't like him as a broadcaster but I'm with you -- WinningLeadership 10/13/2020 5:36PM
  My Joe Morgan story -- The Midnight Toker 10/12/2020 8:01PM
  What a great moment and story: Carew and Morgan. WOW. -- WinningLeadership 10/13/2020 12:54AM
  Saw Johnny Bench hit 3 Home Runs against Cards in 1970 -- cswilliam 10/13/2020 12:37AM
  Marty B was awesome. Used to listen every night. Catch line.... -- The Midnight Toker 10/13/2020 01:06AM
  My memory might be bad; was it Gene Garber? -- WinningLeadership 10/13/2020 12:55AM
  That’s a dream day for a baseball fan ** -- CUKev 10/12/2020 9:00PM
  Big Red Machine was crazy good ** -- CUKev 10/12/2020 1:41PM
  Well stated. Flush with skill. ** -- WinningLeadership 10/12/2020 2:38PM
  I can still see him move that elbow up -- Irish Buff 10/12/2020 1:07PM
  His trademark. :) Those teams were loaded. ** -- WinningLeadership 10/12/2020 2:37PM
  Kuzma. At least the Dodgers draft and buy their team. ** -- The Midnight Toker 10/12/2020 12:02AM
  I respect LeBron but the Lakers bought that title ** -- WinningLeadership 10/11/2020 11:52PM
   Raiders -- Wmac40 10/11/2020 4:48PM
  One of the best games in years... -- LW33 10/10/2020 11:18PM
Whitey Ford dead at 91 ..Golden years of Baseball... -- Irish Buff 10/09/2020 1:58PM
  Irish, Bobby Thompson..... ** -- Gimme 3 Steps 10/10/2020 9:27PM
  Ouch 😢☘️ ** -- Irish Buff 10/12/2020 1:05PM
NFL PICKS-Early games only... -- LinoleumSolo 10/04/2020 11:12AM
  What r you for season? -- Colo Spgs Buff 10/07/2020 11:27AM
  I am 9-6 overall. Sports talk is kinda boring... -- LinoleumSolo 10/07/2020 7:11PM
Trade for Buddy Heild? -- buffhooper 10/03/2020 10:59AM
  Hield would be good add if they trade MPJ... -- LW33 10/05/2020 09:14AM
  Completely agree. You get to be this board's Nuggets GM :) ** -- WinningLeadership 10/07/2020 4:45PM
  Kiszla's Nuggets trade is Bol, Harris or Barton -- BUFFRAY 10/03/2020 10:36PM
  Eff that. :) -- WinningLeadership 10/04/2020 7:37PM
  I like it. ** -- BUFFRAY 10/05/2020 3:24PM
  Jrue is really underated -- buffhooper 10/05/2020 09:42AM
  Jrue Holiday... -- LW33 10/05/2020 09:16AM
  No doubt he's a quality two-way player yet when I look at -- WinningLeadership 10/05/2020 3:39PM
  Since you brought it up, what do you think about Jaxson Hayes? -- WinningLeadership 10/05/2020 3:45PM
  Not so much. But Gary makes 17 mil -- BUFFRAY 10/03/2020 3:20PM
  Heild signed a new deal that kicks in next season -- buffhooper 10/03/2020 8:18PM
  If I'm against it, it is probably a good idea. -- BUFFRAY 10/03/2020 9:44PM
Total on the game tonight is 40? -- JeffGerardi 10/01/2020 12:20PM
   Tank for Trevor, Suck for Sewell, Flop for Fields! ** -- The Midnight Toker 09/29/2020 10:59AM
Broncos looking good in the Trevor Lawrence derby.... -- SamSpade 09/28/2020 08:44AM
  They'll find ways to win too many games -- WinningLeadership 09/29/2020 08:23AM
  Was just getting ready to post that question -- JeffGerardi 09/28/2020 2:38PM
  Give me Penei Sewell instead ** -- BuffsIn2020 09/28/2020 08:51AM
  He has a chance to be a beast. The OL is a mess. ** -- WinningLeadership 09/29/2020 08:23AM
  Depends on if you think Lock is a franchise QB -- HallelujahBuff 09/28/2020 3:39PM
  I get it, but OT is less volatile than QB -- BuffsIn2020 09/29/2020 08:44AM
  Lock seems injury prone. I agree, slightly better than average ** -- WinningLeadership 09/29/2020 08:24AM
  Bey is going to be a project in the NBA -- buffhooper 09/28/2020 07:39AM
  How about Montrezl Harrel? I read that -- BUFFRAY 09/27/2020 10:42PM
  Nuggets cant afford him either -- buffhooper 09/28/2020 07:43AM
  Okongwu... -- LW33 09/27/2020 9:23PM
  Need 3 & D badly and more quality size -- WinningLeadership 09/27/2020 9:11PM

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