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I think Tyson gets a TKO 1st round -- BadgerBuff 11/25/2020 3:40PM
  He will bite the dudes ear. Comes with the name. ** -- buffaloaded 11/26/2020 6:51PM
  Elway sucked early on too. Take heart. -- WinningLeadership 11/25/2020 12:14AM
  Absolutely ** -- WinningLeadership 11/25/2020 9:23PM
  Lucky the Dolphins didn't put Fitzmagic in after the half... -- The Midnight Toker 11/24/2020 10:02PM
  Gordon has to care more about ball security ** -- WinningLeadership 11/25/2020 12:15AM
  Quite the opposite actually -- buffhooper 11/24/2020 10:46PM
  I am not sure I would call Lock a game manager -- HallelujahBuff 11/24/2020 9:04PM
  Lock -- buffhooper 11/24/2020 07:56AM
   Good to see Juancho and Beasley both get paid -- buffhooper 11/22/2020 5:17PM
   Burrow down -- CUKev 11/22/2020 3:12PM
   Sad news about former Broncos great RB Floyd Little -- BuffsIn2020 11/22/2020 10:00AM
J. Grant signs with Pistons -- buffhooper 11/20/2020 11:45PM
  Corey Craig now a FA... ** -- Irish Buff 11/21/2020 8:53PM
  Bucks pick him up. Good place for him. ** -- WinningLeadership 11/22/2020 4:45PM
  Good for him. Those in the know (not me) -- Colo Spgs Buff 11/21/2020 4:54PM
  Definitely not worth $60 mil -- WinningLeadership 11/21/2020 2:53PM
  I think the Nuggs matched the offer -- Irish Buff 11/21/2020 4:25PM
  That's what I read too. He has goals. Hope it works out. -- WinningLeadership 11/21/2020 4:47PM
  They resigned Millsap -- Irish Buff 11/21/2020 5:49PM
  Portland got a lot better.... -- LW33 11/23/2020 5:24PM
  Looks like the Clippers up graded with Ibaka at C -- buffhooper 11/22/2020 09:56AM
  Not so fast my friend -- WinningLeadership 11/21/2020 8:30PM
  Big drop from Grant to Green -- buffhooper 11/21/2020 9:49PM
  Grant is better, yes yet maybe not a budding star -- WinningLeadership 11/22/2020 01:20AM
  I agree -- Irish Buff 11/21/2020 8:21PM
  Holy crap! Blake Griffin now that is interesting ** -- BUFFRAY 11/21/2020 12:57AM
  Nuggets only have 9 guys on guaranteed deals right now -- buffhooper 11/21/2020 11:46AM
  I would hate another overspend on Millsap too ** -- WinningLeadership 11/21/2020 2:55PM
  Just signed JaMychal Green -- buffhooper 11/21/2020 11:56AM
  5 years ago was interesting. ** -- 241Volcano 11/21/2020 11:08AM
The Nuggets are busy busy busy -- WinningLeadership 11/20/2020 08:37AM
  Campazzo now a Nugg and soon to be fam favorite. -- BUFFRAY 11/20/2020 8:24PM
  I agree. He looks good. And fun. -- WinningLeadership 11/20/2020 11:16PM
  Yeah that is how I see it. ** -- BUFFRAY 11/21/2020 12:56AM
Not sure where to post about USMNT but WOW! -- LW33 11/16/2020 10:18PM
  Good young team -- CUKev 11/17/2020 4:44PM
  Yup...all of these guys essentially.... -- LW33 11/18/2020 11:54AM
  Ahh. I did not know what USMNT was. -- Colo Spgs Buff 11/17/2020 6:30PM
Big Al and JoJo -- Wmac40 11/16/2020 10:12PM
  Big Al knows more about football than I ever will. -- Colo Spgs Buff 11/17/2020 6:35PM
  Lindsay is their best offensive weapon -- buffhooper 11/18/2020 1:15PM
   Broncos PFF Oline Ratings thru week 9 -- HallelujahBuff 11/16/2020 8:59PM
What are the only original AFL teams in their city of origin and -- The Midnight Toker 11/13/2020 3:03PM
  Bills and Broncos. Dolphins came in '66. Original teams were -- The Midnight Toker 11/13/2020 6:43PM
  Thanks for the info ! ** -- Shecky1 11/13/2020 7:06PM
  In the city of Cincinnati ? ** -- Shecky1 11/14/2020 11:28PM
  Yes ** -- The Midnight Toker 11/15/2020 8:19PM
  And Bill ? ** -- Shecky1 11/13/2020 4:34PM
Reminds me of my dads hole in one -- Colo Spgs Buff 11/10/2020 3:51PM
  That is the most amazing golf shot of all time. I -- buffaloaded 11/11/2020 12:20AM
Jets need a new logo and -- BadgerBuff 11/09/2020 9:16PM
  Weird. Was just asking wife about that. First, why the Jets? -- Colo Spgs Buff 11/10/2020 3:50PM
  Link -- buffhooper 11/12/2020 7:26PM
  'The NY Gothams'. That would be awesome. ** -- Colo Spgs Buff 11/13/2020 10:17AM
   Rookie QBs in league fun to watch. ** -- hawg1 11/09/2020 5:39PM
  C'mon--was the game ever in doubt? :) ** -- buffaloaded 11/02/2020 1:13PM
  Game changed on Lindseys run -- HallelujahBuff 11/01/2020 8:50PM
  Phil is the most exciting player on the team -- WinningLeadership 11/02/2020 08:44AM
  No draft pick with his tender since he was an UDFA -- buffhooper 11/02/2020 10:52AM
  Tenders aren't tied to the players actual draft position -- BetterDeadThanRed 11/02/2020 5:38PM
  Good article, I think he’s spot-on with his comparisons -- BetterDeadThanRed 11/03/2020 12:41AM
  Ahh that makes sense -- buffhooper 11/02/2020 7:50PM
  Still room on the Drew Lock bandwagon. ** -- BUFFRAY 11/01/2020 8:07PM
  Jury is still out Ray -- buffhooper 11/02/2020 11:39AM
  First game i watched this yr and turned it off -- Colo Spgs Buff 11/02/2020 7:16PM
  Lock's QB rating this year is next to last in the NFL -- HallelujahBuff 11/02/2020 1:26PM
  Yes I agree ! ** -- Shecky1 11/02/2020 4:39PM
  Line play was better in 2nd half, Lock was better. ** -- The Midnight Toker 11/01/2020 8:16PM
  Line play -- Wmac40 11/01/2020 9:49PM
  I would love to see Lock's pass distribution -- HallelujahBuff 11/01/2020 9:43PM
  That was crazy. ** -- Colo Spgs Buff 11/01/2020 7:42PM
Oh Boy .. The Rockie ownership -- Irish Buff 10/31/2020 12:47PM
  It has been years since I have watched a Rockies game -- HallelujahBuff 11/01/2020 8:52PM
  Damn, that spin is political-like quality -- WinningLeadership 11/01/2020 12:04PM
  Yeah, you know that ain't happenin' again -- WinningLeadership 10/29/2020 08:27AM
  “House” ** -- Shecky1 10/28/2020 11:13PM

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