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Oregons court makes me want to turn station ** -- BadgerBuff 02/13/2020 10:48PM
  It is an eye sore ** -- WinningLeadership 02/13/2020 10:52PM
   Where are Kin and Bey tonight? Come on, dudes! ** -- WinningLeadership 02/13/2020 10:47PM
   Gut check time. Does CU have the poise to regain control? ** -- WinningLeadership 02/13/2020 10:46PM
   Yikes! ** -- Acworth Buff 02/13/2020 10:42PM
   Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre commmmmmmmmmmme the Ducks. Come on CU!!! ** -- WinningLeadership 02/13/2020 10:40PM
Lucas Siewert drives me f...ing crazy. -- Shecky1 02/13/2020 10:39PM
  Yet without his offense tonight, CU would be in a mess. -- WinningLeadership 02/13/2020 10:41PM
   Oregon slowly chipping away -- Acworth Buff 02/13/2020 10:34PM
   Good to learn everything about Mark Jackson’s/Walton’s lives. -- Fullhouse Backfield 02/13/2020 10:17PM
   Nice first half...playing percentages Oregon will make a run -- Acworth Buff 02/13/2020 10:12PM
   Big run coming. Buffs can hold it off. ** -- 93Buff 02/13/2020 9:58PM
   So far so good -- RFBuff 02/13/2020 9:56PM
   I've said it before -- Sparkybuff 02/13/2020 9:49PM
Is Oregon’s court the Boise blue turf of college basketball? ** -- BetterDeadThanRed 02/13/2020 9:42PM
  Ha! I was just thinking how ugly their floor is ** -- BarkingDogBuff 02/13/2020 9:55PM
   Showing toughness and starting to play D and rebound! ** -- WinningLeadership 02/13/2020 9:40PM
  You inspired them ** -- 93Buff 02/13/2020 9:58PM
  Gonna be difficult. Possible, yes. Likely,? Unsure. -- WinningLeadership 02/13/2020 9:20PM
Does Tad Boyle know anything about coaching football? ** -- BuffaloMoe 02/13/2020 11:15AM
  True dat' ** -- WinningLeadership 02/13/2020 6:32PM
Let’s go Buffs! -- Stampy 02/13/2020 07:40AM
  Limit TOs, Active movement/passing -- Buffalo1 02/13/2020 11:26AM
  I would love to see Tad -- gocu83 02/13/2020 3:02PM